Showroom for Annemie Verbeke

This project won the Public Prize at the International Architecture Contest Inspireli Awards 2016. Below some pictures during the official ceremony the 13 February 2017, in Prague, Czech Republic, with Karel Smejkal (on the left) the co-founder of the contest, and Otto Dvorak (in the middle), jury member of the contest, and member of the UIA. Learn more about this project on this page and more about Inspireli on their official website


This project is about the transformation of a common outlet store to a showroom for the belgian stylist Annemie Verbeke. As we can see on her clothing collections, nature and its shades of color have the first place in her design process. So, naturally I choose to play with organic forms to manage the interior space. Curves are omnipresent, from the furnitures to the walls, and also on the light’s disposition.

final 5

The main wood furniture organizes the open space with a cyclic circulation. It covers the concrete original structure, allows many clothing arrangements, and gives benches for customers who want to sit down and try shoes. Plus, this wood structure offers nice spots for promotional models, and enables the management of the checkout near the exit.

Added to this wood structure, there are the curved walls, behind which we find at the back of the store, four cabins large enough for handicap accessibility. Also, these walls delimit an employee area, with a relaxing space on one side, and a lot of arrangements avalaible for the clothing inventory on other.

final 56

The facade is half covered by ivy which changes color depending on seasons like the Annemie Verbeke’s collections. To complete it, this façade has a thin suspended metallic awning with wave forms, reminding the lightness of a flying piece of cloth.





A2 vertical detail coison 2

A2 detail comptoir1