Harswood Rocking Chair

            The main goal of this project was to combine relaxation and entertainment into one chair. In the traditionnal case, the rocking of this kind of chair is made to bring relaxation and a breather to its user, but the same rocking can be used on toys to give fun to the kids. So that’s the point, how to combine the quiet of a traditional rocking chair with the enjoyment of a wooden horse.


            The Harswood rocking chair has to be usable in the two opposite positions, so the back of the chair must let enough room for legs. It has to be robust to resist to the users’s energy and it has to be easy to build by anyone. That’s why here I decided to use a simple wood-wood assembly fixed with glue. The rocking’s curve of this chair was also studied to give it a very low center of gravity, preventing any kind of fall.


Because many rocking chairs in one space can become quickly cumbersome, the Harswood chair is stackable, which is a surprisingly rare feature among rocking chairs. With its pleasant and refreshing design, the Harswood Rocking Chair will easily find its place into your interior.


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Saïd Belmir