Industrial Mosque

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This project is about an Islamic Center integrated into an old shoes factory, in Forest, south west of Brussels.It was made in a work group and my main task was to express (so don’t indicate) this complex as a religious building through architecture. I had to conserve the original structure and re-use the local materials, to include the building as a continuum in the local context.

So I proposed a module for the main façade with a space between each brick which expands and contracts itself. Thus, when we repeat this module, we got an architectural experience in which light effects and large surfaces create uninterrupted waves,and give us the impression the façade is breathing.

Behind this red brick façade, a window frame marks the real limit between inside and outside. Behind this window frame, there is the original metallic structure who makes the shed. Finally, a metallic structure is incorporated into the original structure to make a mezzanine inside. A little duckboard platform is installed between the brick façade and the window layer to the maintenance.

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