Hi everyone,


My name is Saïd Belmir, 27 years old and I’m a french architect. Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the Catholic University of Louvain (Faculty of Architecture Saint-Luc Brussels), and with a Master degree in Architecture (with Honors for the last year) from the Free University of Brussels (Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta), I’ve very soon wished to challenge myself with various teaching methods in order to improve my profile as an architect.

Passioned by artistic process as well as the building technics used in architecture, my projects are the result of deep thinking taking in account the singularity of contexts. The architectural one obviously matters (orientation, sizing, building integration…), but sometimes one must also consider historical, social, cultural or religious contexts. All these constraints combined are as many challenges that push me to find creative and original responses in my work.

After I graduated, and as I’m still eager to learn, I decided to self-educate myself to become familiar with hi-tech tools, to master the realization of my thoughts, and live architecture in line with my progressive vision. That’s how I became a 3D-Artist recognized by its peers for my ability to create realistic 3D environments, my high aesthetic sense, and my attention to detail. Excited by what the 3D-printing could offer in terms of construction, and virtual reality in terms of immersion, I always strive to keep myself up-to-date about new technologies.

Also during this period, I realised that my acquired aptitudes in architecture can be used in different related fields. I first experimented them to speculate in real estate, a parcel face to the mediteranean sea. I also used them when I’ve designed a new kind of media for the Louvre-Lens Museum. And recently, from composition learnings, I did exclusive graphics for supercars racing teams like Ferrari and Bentley.

All of these different encounters made me more mature, confident and open minded than ever. People I met gave me a very diversified network and somehow the taste to start projects to see them evolve until their launches. Now, I wish to bring my abilities to serve an ambitious and proactive architects team, learn a lot of new things from them, and lead my professional experience to a higher level.

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