Kabouyawa House

Kabouyawa House

Kabouyawa House is a project which has for goal to explore the possibilities offered by the Virtual Reality in architecture. First of all, I designed a house, and I made it fully explorable inside, by making photorealistic panoramas with softwares as Sketchup, Photoshop, and Vray. Then I exported all of these data in an other software named Pano2Vr to build a 3D environnement.

So if you’re currently on a computer, you can click here, and explore the whole house, by moving your mouse and clicking on the yellow eyes that you find (the first one is on the bay window close to the kitchen). If you’re currently on a smartphone, skip this link and go to the following paragraph.



But the immersion’s effect wasn’t enough developped with this common technic. So I’ve decided to code my own algorithm based on javascript resources to pull part of smartphones’ technologies, specially on their native accelerometer and gyroscope. The result is pretty effective, because it allows, by a cheap solution, to produce a real VR experience.

So if you’re currently using a smartphone, and if you also have a VR headset, it’s highly recommended to click on the icon below to enjoy a total VR experience. There is no need anymore to touch your screen. You have now a little grey target in the center of your screen, and many boxes around you. So, you just have to aim for the boxes and keep your target on them for few seconds, to navigate inside this 3D environment.

Click on your current device below for a total VR experience.